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Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference 2021 -Call for Abstracts

Displacement crises and conflict narratives in the urban peripheries of the Global South

Reframing Urban Informalities as a planning and development paradigm for resilient futures

Job Vacancy!

Part-Time Post Doctoral Research Fellow (0.6 FTE)- in Peri-Urban and Climate Change


(2020-2021 -Ongoing)I am currently leading the Frontiers Champion Award– Royal Academy funded project titled PIVOT-Re-visioning Peripheral Geographies: Strategies for resilient urban development in the Global South.The aim of PIVOT is to explore and examine peri-urban regions in the global South cities, as a key frontier in addressing the challenges of sustainable and resilient urban development. The project is designed as a year-long, virtually held, interdisciplinary knowledge-exchange and writing workshop targeting Frontier participants and Early Career Researchers(ECR) working in the domain of peri-urban planning and development in the Global South.A series of inter-connected online workshops will be conducted (focusing on Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey and India) between scholars ( Frontiers Participants and other ECRs ), policy makers, planners and grassroots organisations. The aim of these workshops is to critically engage each other’s work on peri-urban dynamics discuss current challenges (inclusive planning, health, social justice and environmental inequality) and the potential for resilient development in Official Development Assistance relevant countries in the Global South.

Post Award Reflections


(2020-2021- Ongoing) Funded by GCRF-SHLC, CoUP : Connecting the Urban and Peri-urban: A transformative policy framework for inclusive and resilient urban development in India, is a 12-Month project focusing on the peri-urban development in Chennai, India.

CouP Conference paper presentation Jan 2021

(2018-2019) A HEritage-led Resilience Approach to smart and sustainabLe urban Development in Turkey was funded by British Council-Newton Fund. HERALD project aims to promote international exchange of knowledge and experiences around novel theories, strategies and methods in resilient informed urban planning and development of smart and sustainable heritage cities in Turkey and UK.  


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